We Must Decouple Wealth From Worth

Why are the views of Mark Zuckerburg shared by the world’s media? Why should we care about the opinions of a man who created a ‘Hot or Not’ computer program?

Why is it we all know the name ‘Donald Trump’?

Because through the dogma of Capitalism, we erroneously equate peoples monetary wealth with their importance.

I’m not in the slightest bit interested in the views of Donald Trump. Why would I be? He’s never said anything of any value. He doesn’t offer any serious insights or possible solutions to any of the problems facing the world today.

If I met Donald down my local pub, I’d just think he was a naive, narrow-minded bore, with a very limited intellect. “Anyway, nice to have met you Donald, but I have to go now…”

I’m not having a go at Trump per se, it’s not his fault he was allowed to become president of the U.S. There are probably lots of Americans, with massive egos and an over-estimation of their abilities, who feel that they also could do the job!

Capitalist ideology is the reason we have some one like Trump in the White House. We’re all educated to believe that the only measure of success is how much money we’ve accumulated. As a consequence this irrelevant, narrow definition led people to vote for Donald Trump, believing he was suitably qualified for the post of president.

Because of capitalist ‘wealth matters’ propaganda, people felt Trump had something of worth to contribute to society – some valuable input that might possibly make things better for us all. Yet it’s been evident all along, he offers nothing.

We also see this ‘wealth makes you important’ nonsense rearing its ugly head with the increasing influence of big business in Western societies.

I can’t recall Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or any similar business leader ever saying much of any interest, yet their utterances are widely reported.

Wikipedia quotes Zuckerburg in the very early days of Facebook “…these people have pretty horrendiedous facebook pics. I almost want to put some of these faces next to pictures of some farm animals and have people vote on which is more attractive.”

Zuckerberg isn’t talented or clever, he’s just been very lucky.

Bill Gates often just stole other peoples ideas, used underhand and aggressive tactics to destroy his business competitors, and relied purely on marketing to sell his inferior software applications.

Steve Jobs… he was able to manipulate (diminish) people in to worshiping a product.

Many people who manage to accumulate vast amounts of wealth for themselves, display personality traits that most people would consider undesirable; aggressiveness, bullying, greed, arrogance, deceitfulness, even psychopathic traits. These personality characteristics might be part of the culture in big business, but do we really want to encourage them? Do we want them having influence on society as a whole?

This assumption within capitalist ideology, that wealth is in some way an indicator of an individual’s  importance, has to end. It produces a distortion in society that is detrimental to us all. It’s the mechanism by which, time after time, the wrong people have been allowed to influence us.

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  1. Donald Trump is the greatest president in history and also one of the smartest men alive. Probably smarter than Stephen Hawking the fake science guy. He is more popular than JFK and Elvis put together and in his first few months in office, has already done more good than Nelson Mandela, MLK and Gandhi ever did. Under Trump, America has become the greatest country since the beginning of time, and his brilliance, wit and charisma will ensure he wins a Nobel prize and an Oscar any day now… *

    *Deluded Donnie’s interior monologue

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