Our Brave British IS soldiers

Well that’s what ‘so called’ Islamic State (IS) calls them! And some of them wear camouflage fatigue trousers, so they must be proper soldiers?

Mostly British born, these fearless IS soldiers carry out heroic attacks on their ferocious enemy – unarmed civilians – men, women and children. Some IS soldiers it seems will even purposely target unarmed children, such is their boundless bravery.

These highly trained, intelligent IS operatives, are also renowned for their innovative tactics too. Recently one IS soldier hired a chunky, strong, 4×4 type vehicle and courageously drove along a pavement running over and killing some unarmed, innocent civilians on a bridge. Can you imagine charging headlong into such a terrifying enemy situation as that? After all, these people probably had coats and shoes and bags that they could use to retaliate. But our brave British IS soldier didn’t let these frighting factors deter him. All IS followers must be so proud of him.

Another valiant IS soldier (they claimed him didn’t they, they do everyone else?) decided to take on an even more fearsome enemy – a group of teenage girls and children who he knew would be attending an Ariana Grande gig in Manchester. He strapped explosives to himself, and in a bid to kill and maim more children, added nails and other shrapnel to maximise the suffering he could cause. Perhaps IS will offer a posthumous medal to honour this heroic soldier of theirs – a new medal specifically designed to honour the deliberate killing of innocent children.

Then yesterday (03.06.17) in London, three more valorous IS soldiers took on the terrifying enemy of unarmed civilians. One particularly heroic deed was recounted by an eyewitness – A young woman, seemingly frozen in fear, stood face to face with the gallant IS soldier, a moment later he fearlessly set upon the woman stabbing her at least ten times. We’d expect nothing less from these courageous, heroic IS soldiers.

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