Jeremy Corbyn – What an Complete Monster?

What prompted this post was yet another UK press headline, understandably furious with the thoroughly evil Mr Corbyn for suggesting that, instead of blowing-up terrorist Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi , perhaps it might have been better to just arrest him?

This is totally unforgivable, treasonous even! Is Corbyn suggesting we investigate the terrorist’s crimes first, by arresting him and putting him on trial, how would that be fair? Is he suggesting we rise above the chaotic, evil regime of ISIS and show how a more mature, civilised, morally-developed culture might behave? Even more unbelievable – could he be thinking we might want to forgive those that trespass against us!?

It’s not the first time the despicable Mr Corbyn has behaved in this way either – the monster has previous. I recall watching him in a live TV debate and being astonished to hear him saying he wouldn’t be pushing the nuclear button that would result in the deaths of thousands and thousands of people! I have to say I was truly dumbfounded – how could anyone possibly think that way?

There’s also been numerous reports of the Labour Party leader talking to all manner of terrorist groups, regardless of what he might think about their causes. Attempting to broker peace deals, encouraging ceasefires and other such nonsense.

In all these examples we can see Mr Corbyn’s sadly misguided belief in such principles as “justice, freedom, and equality”. Not in my name!

Perhaps Mr Corbyn should look across ‘the pond’ for moral guidance? The orange-faced toddler, the ‘stable genius’ that is Donald Trump. A real leader that we can easily admire, respect, and rely upon to always do the right thing.

Fake News or just the normal Utter Bollocks

OK this is going to be just a spontaneous rant, but I just read a article on the BBC entitled “How fake news plagued 2017“. The piece then goes on to highlight a series of major ‘fake news’ stories that occurred this year.

And where does this article take all these supposed ‘fake news’ examples from? Fucking Twatter and Fecesbook! Facebook and Twitter are not news sources, so it’s not fake news. Continue reading →

Smartphone Misuse, Gravity and Eye Placement

There’s a thing that people do with their Smartphones that really irritates me, and when I witness this ‘misuse’ occurring, I always have a good moan saying “why are you doing it like that?”. The usual reply is “Why, what’s wrong?”. And that got me thinking; why do I think what they’re doing is wrong?

You’ll notice I’ve not revealed what it is that irritates me so much, ┬áthat’s because I’m hoping you’ll guess as I write … Continue reading →

‘Ladies’, the thing you’ve always wished for, has just become a reality!

Maybe I’ve come late to this, because I don’t often watch commercial TV, and when I do I’ll record it, in order to skip those irritating, mind-numbing ads. However, recently I was watching a recording (probably ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ or maybe ‘Loaded’, both in C4), and decided to do the traditional thing of making a drink whilst the ads played. Continue reading →

AI Singularity? Never Going to Happen

Artificial intelligence singularity, ‘singularity’ presumably borrowed from cosmology, is the inevitable point at which artificial intelligence (AI) becomes equivalent to, and then goes on to surpass, human intelligence (HI). Most scientists and technology experts seem to have little doubt that this will happen soon, most likely in the next 50 to 100 years or so. They’re wrong. Continue reading →

Disgusting Pepsi, Don’t Drink It.

I saw a report on this new Pepsi advert, the one where a model, who I’ve never heard of, is distracted during a shoot, by a large group of protesters. The report suggested people were upset with the model’s participation in this disgusting commercial, but what should be bothering people is – how the fuck did this advert ever get made! Continue reading →

How to Run a Successful Nation State

I have a fantastic idea

Obviously, in order to run a successful nation state, you need the right people in place to make the important decisions that affect all our lives. Of course most of the time this starts with some form of national government; democratically elected politicians we put in place to make decisions about law, health, education, foreign policy, tax rates, state spending, welfare, etc. Continue reading →