‘Ladies’, the thing you’ve always wished for, has just become a reality!

Maybe I’ve come late to this, because I don’t often watch commercial TV, and when I do I’ll record it, in order to skip those irritating, mind-numbing ads. However, recently I was watching a recording (probably ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ or maybe ‘Loaded’, both in C4), and decided to do the traditional thing of making a drink whilst the ads played.

From the kitchen I began to pick-up on this strange dialogue – I thought I was mis-hearing. Rushing back to the TV and rewinding, I realised no this was real! This life-changing product it seemed, really existed.

This ‘amazing’ product is centred around woman having a shit! But not just that, it’s specifically about woman in the habit of dumping turds so noxious, that the room becomes full of their vile anal gases.


Chocolate Cheerios

I’m not sure why the advert for this product is only aimed at woman, maybe men don’t suffer these problems, or perhaps they couldn’t give a shit! In fact the only men to appear in the ad are those saved from the hideous experience of entering a room so soon after a ‘lady’ has deposited her stinking waste.


No, not even my husband can know I have to take a dump!

I did have to double-check, the next time I visited a supermarket, to make sure this wasn’t some kind of weird ‘April Fools’ type of advertising. But yes, it’s there on the shelf ready to buy.

I wonder how sales have been though? Who would be happy to place this on the checkout conveyor? “Hello everyone – yes, my shit stinks!”.


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